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fantastic custom business apps.

CASE is a TypeScript framework that helps you to build data-intensive apps like dashboards, admin panels or ERPs.

Works with:

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CASE removes the painful work without compromising your freedom

CLI with instant CRUD

In one single command, build a full-stack resource with its properties, rules, forms, and all views (list, detail, create/edit).

50+ turnkey UI elements

Inputs, yields, filters… Choose from a large set of tidy UI elements that work out-of-the-box like search bar, file upload or color picker.

100% customizable

Be out of the CASE way whenever you want: it is a plain Angular and NestJS project. You are free to add your own logic, components and packages like you always do

Built-in Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Enjoy out-of-box RBAC system with auth, password recovery and custom permissions for CRUD resources and display.

How it works ?

CASE is a full-stack app based on a monorepo structure that combines Angular and Nest.

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Case developers

CASE has been developed to make developers happy by taking the more painful and repetitive labor away from them while keeping the skilled and rewarding work.

CASE is and will always be open source and relies on other open source software. We aim to allow everyone to freely create and share digital tools that have a positive impact.

For that reason we are looking to build a strong community. Let us know if you have comments, questions or if you want to contribute.

CASE is still in its early stages but our ambition is to build the standard model for custom app development.

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I do not use Angular and/or Nest, can I use CASE ?

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